LEGO TIE Fighter Review

TIE Fighter

Pieces: 413

Ages: 8-14

Mini Figures: 4

  • TIE Fighter pilot
  • Imperial Officer
  • Death Star Trooper
  • R5-J2

Price: £49.99 

What’s Inside

One instruction manual.

1 small set of Stickers

Numbered bags of Lego for each build stage.


Star Wars! Obviously! Yes A long time ago Episode IV introduced us to the TIE Fighter, the main antagonists’ mode of battle fighter. Shaped like a big H they howled through space in their attempts to destroy the alliance and protect the dreaded Death Star!


Now this one has some very cool mini-figures that you could easily place on the Death Star set should you be so lucky to own it! And one day very soon I will and will provide feedback on that as soon as I can.

The body of the ship is easily the most fun aspect of the piece as it is the most complicated in design and you get to see it come together piece at a time before you can drop the Pilot safely and comfortably into his seat.

NOW! The downside is that the wings are very repetitive. But any model that has a large amount of symmetry to it is going to involve this sort of tedium. The first wing is obviously going to be the most fun; but there is little joy in assembling such a dull flat looking plat of a surface. Yes the embellishments are kinda cool, but again putting them together is highly repetitive. And once you have the wing done; you know you have to repeat the process again. If you are doing this model yourself just bear in mind what you are building towards (as the TIE Fighter is still one of the great designs! Even for its simplicity). Maybe get a friend to do the other wing while you build yours.

Finished Product

This is what I’m talking about! The TIE Fighter may be small compared to other ships, but its design is still quite commanding, and at this size (9” (23cm) tall and 6” (17cm) wide) it is worth your efforts.

For a Star Wars fan this is going to be one of the big official ships they will want to buy that is here finally in the right ratios!  Might be worth bagging this baby along with the X-Wing which is also out now at the right size! We just now have to wait for Darth Vadar’s fighter!

Steven Hurst

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