LEGO The Joker Review

The Joker – DC Universe

Pieces:                 57

Ages:     6 – 12

Mini Figures:  0

Price:    £10.99

What’s Inside

Instruction Booklet

2 Bags of Lego


Franchise:           DC Universe – Superheroes  

The DC Universe – Superheroes Lego series includes all your favourite DC characters, from Batman to Bane via Two-Face, pared down to fit neatly into our back pocket. The characters have been lovingly reproduced in miniature plastic, with great attention to detail.

This set, is a bit different from standard Lego, and is more K’nex like in how it fits together. Its joints are more bone like (ball and socket for hips and shoulders and hinge joints for elbows and knees…) and the final result is much bigger (about 7” high) and more flexible than normal Lego. The pieces are made in bright colours, with rubbery luminous green hair and bright orange spikes matching the translucent highlighter-orange/yellow ray gun.


This took less than half an hour to build (probably closer to twenty minutes) and, in line with its 6 – 12 years age guide was a pretty simple build. The pieces are mostly big and chunky so it should be easy for little fingers to put together without much help. The limbs are a bit repetitive to create but that’s to be expected given that they come in pairs.  

Finished Product

The Joker is a good size for an action figure, not quite as tall as an Action Man but chunky enough to get a good hold on without crushing it. The movable joints are great for play – even a cock of his head can change his attitude. The connections are pretty solid so a bit of rough and tumble won’t do too much harm.

For the child with a more active imagination, the up-side of this model not made of traditional Lego is that it’ll fit in a lot better with other action figures for that weekly bout of Shoebox-WWE. The ray gun, although it doesn’t fire anything, lends itself to a multitude of oral sound effects and the joker’s trademark grimace will see him suit all manner of dastardly situations.

The Joker is a neat little toy and at a shade over a tenner is good value for money where playability is concerned. Your little tykes will have a field day with this figure more than you will but he’s pretty decent looking and for the hardcore collectors amongst you, The Joker will fit nicely in your display cabinet alongside all your other kitsch Batman memorabilia.

Dani Singer

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