LEGO Oil Rig Escape Review

Oil Rig Escape

Pieces: 422

Ages: 5-12

Mini Figures: None – (But 5 Characters included)

  • Finn McMissile
  • Professor Z
  • Grem
  • Crane
  • Leland Turbo

Price: £49.99 

What’s Inside

One instruction manual.

1 small set of Stickers

Numbered bags of Lego for each build stage.


Cars 2, The Oil Rig Escape is an action part of the series. This is also one of the larger sets to build.


This is just the right level of difficult for young hands at work. Adults won’t have any issues with it getting boring either.

You get to start of course with the characters. And there is a wide array of them here. You get two fully formed cars with wheels, another with jet-skis, another who performs crane duties onboard, and then some poor sap who has had a trip to the trash compactor and is merely in the form of a two part cube (with stickers also to add). I have mentioned on previous sets that the Cars really are the selling point of these sets. They all have their own style, are easy yet fun to put together and are mobile enough to roll along like any other toy car you may have from other brands.

The Rig is the harder part of the construction, but as usually, LEGO take you through it step by step! You’ll spend an hour or two getting it all together and it’s varied enough in its design for it never to become boring or too repetitive. The most repetitive part is the base, but it’s also the quickest part to build.

It’s the little details that matter here. The parts you add stickers to, the control mechanisms that you snap into place. Even the winch is great fun, but do be careful with the packed string that comes with it!

There is also a lot of clutter as well that is fun. The strange tank is nice addition which you also have to build, and even a bunch of barrels and random shipping part boxes that you can assemble and place on the set.

Finished Product

Now the cool thing about this design is that you can open it up as it is designed to split in two. But you can also rearrange the main items on the deck around as well to design the rig to your own design specifications. Each quarter can be rotated or moved to a spot you might prefer.

Let’s also not forget that it is fully functional as well. The crane being the stand out attraction as it can lift, cars, create and general debris. The crane is fully functional so play away winding items up and down.

The rig also has flick missiles, booby traps for flicking items (or characters off the rig). There are various attributes that can be moved and rotated, and even an open container for storing or hiding what you need.

All in all a great addition to the LEGO Cars collection!

Steven Hurst

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