Lego Superman Vs Power Armour Lex Review

Superman Vs Power Armour Lex             

Pieces:                 207

Ages:     6 – 12

Mini Figures:  

  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Lex Luthor

Price:    £19.99

What’s Inside

Instruction Booklet

Comic Book

3 Bags of Lego


Franchise:           DC Universe – Superheroes  

The DC Universe – Superheroes Lego series includes all your favourite DC characters, from Batman to Bane via Two-Face, pared down to fit neatly into our back pocket. The characters have been lovingly reproduced in miniature plastic, with great attention to detail.

This set is an action scene in the making, with Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch nemesis, sitting atop a giant robot with a kryptonite ray gun, presumably intent on destroying lower Manhattan. Only Superman and Wonder Woman stand in his path…


This took just over half an hour to build and, although the finished result looks great, it was pretty repetitive. I suppose that has to be expected limbs tend to come in pairs! This is a traditional Lego set with a few added extras, such as the ray gun parts, which jazz the whole thing up with transparent neons and bright purples. Putting together the characters is always my favourite part, particularly in the case of Superman and his reversible angry/noble-faced head (although the material for his cape isn’t of the highest quality).  

Finished Product

This is a half decent set, and with the bizarre comic book at hand as a guide for play scenarios, a youngster could have a lot of fun smashing up his sister’s Polly Pocket house with evil Lex Luthor’s giant robot. There are a just a couple of faults with the design which bother me and may stand out to collectors, rather than players of Lego. Firstly, the gun doesn’t do anything. Lego which fires/tips up/lights up/explodes is fairly standard these days so I don’t think I’m being wholly unreasonable when I get a bit disappointed that such an impressive looking ray gun doesn’t even shoot out a plastic dart, especially given its £19.99 price tag. Also there are a couple of places on the model where the underside of the Lego is brazenly exposed and it does a little to ruin the streamlined, ‘metallic’ exterior of the robot. I don’t mind if we’re talking about, say, the underside of the feet or even the inner leg but on the arm which brandishes the gun it just looks like a piece has fallen off.

Still, you can’t argue with the classics, and a classic this certainly is. The characters alone are more than enough to carry this one through to the big leagues on sales figures and kids won’t have any problems recreating scenes from films or imagining their own situations for any of the characters. Even if you do get stuck, the box boasts of the robot’s “movable fingers for grabbing Wonder Woman!” so for the alpha male in the making this set has it all…

 For die-hard DC fans, I envision this could be the perfect starting point for amassing your own Justice League (the Comic Book certainly suggests as much) and even if there are a couple of teething problems with the design this set shouldn’t disappoint overall.

Dani Singer

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