Jess chats to Devin

Jess chats to Devin

Hi Devin, let's start with the easy questions:
Tom or Jerry?


Batman or Spiderman?

Lights on or lights off?
Lights on

What animal do you look like?
A human

Name 5 bands beginning with ‘D’?
Dead Boys, Dire Straits, The Detroit Cobras, The Drifters, Deee-Lite

What do you fear the most?

Now for the medium:
If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Mind control

Describe your music as if it were a person

She’s the coolest girl I know

What’s one thing you’ll never do?
Listen to advice

When’s your album out?
April 30th

Use 5 words to describe what your debut album sounds like
Fun time for born losers

Now for the hard, if you're ready for it:
What’s your most hated interview question?

Any question having to do with the wild, like: if you were on a desert island… or what animal do you look like

Who would you not like to work with?

David Guetta

Ask yourself the question you’d most like to get asked in an interview
How old are you?

What does your mother think about your music?
She loves it

Please ask a question for the next band we interview…
Top or bottom?

Devin's album 'Romancing' is out next week, check out the video of the Studio Footage of 'I Don't Think I'

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