Drive Soundtrack Review

Composer: Cliff Martinez

The word is already out there about one of 2011’s best soundtracks. Read any review and chances are one of the film’s highlights mentioned will be this score.

Cliff Martinez has really outdone himself with both his hauntingly beautiful music as well as the additional tracks by other artists. People may want to go out and buy a spare copy of this CD through fear of wearing the disc out. In fact it is probably a good idea to bury one in the ground in case the world goes up in the future – at least then we will have decent music to listen to.

Then again – this isn’t exactly happy-go-lucky music, but it’s very soulful. The mixture of 80’s electronica with seething slow synth work perfectly complimented the slow movement of the film and the still and emptiness of the lens. As a score by itself it is pure mood music – easy to relax too and very impactful at the same time. Can’t recommend it enough – in the years to come it will still be remembered as a great.

Steven Hurst

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