New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Well we had a teaser and then a main trailer and here is the second full trailer featuring all sorts of new footage. The last one divided opinion; this one may well depend on how much anticipation you have what they are claiming to be the “Epic Conclusion” ofthe story.

In short – looks like Batman is gonna take a bit of a whooping from Bane and end up imprisoned (only to make his comback with catwoman at his side). We don’t learn much about her here except to say that she is “adaptable” to the social climate. Does it look Epic. Perhaps. Does it look like it is going to be full of the sort of civil fall-out the second film had a glimpse of – for sure.

We do think thiugh that Nolan is keeping a few aces up his sleeve though. And probably the less we learn about those now the better the pay off will be!


The Dark Knight Rises will be with us in July.




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