The Raven Soundtrack Review

Composer: Lucas Vidal

Like any decent music score that plays to a period set film, be it drama or thriller – Lucas Vidal draws from classical music and combines it with what modern audiences are familiar with. The film took a bit of a beating when it came out as did John Cussack (and much of the time critics were not even talking about his performance?).

Sadly we didn’t get to lay our verdict for the film down, but if the score is anything in the way of evidence then it really can’t be that bad. It has marked Vidal in my book as one to listen out for in the future. This was a Hollywood production being sold in a similar vein to that of From Hell.

The score has its haunting moods throughout and utilises heavy use of strings to get there. Makes one wonder if Vidal was constrained in anyway by the genre he was working in and what he may have been capable of if he broke free from the shackles.

Still it’s a decent buy that does what is required of it. Let’s hop etime is kinder to the film it accompanies.

Steven Hurst

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