FrightFest Poster Art Announced

It’s that time of year folks where we start to get excited once more about Frightfest!  Filmwerk has a special relationship with the festival in that it was the very first coverage we went live with. So a Happy 13th to Frightfest and a happy second year to us come late August this year.

Not unlucky for us, top illustrator Graham Humphreys and designer Paul Johnstone – have come up with this stunning poster to help us launch our 13th event in August.

Graham said today: “This year’s 13th FrightFest illustration took it’s obvious reference point and gave it a Royal Jubilee, Tower Of London beheading. It is an affirmation of who is top dog in fearstakes – and a medal winning 

Paul added: We’ve taken Graham’s fantastic illustration and framed it within the  FrightFest template so that it’s instantly recognisable to fans of the 
festival. Also we’ve started to number the posters this year to create a 
‘collectable’ of the posters for FrightFest fans”.                 

Don’t forget. This year’s opening and closing night films will be announced on Friday June 8 and the full-line up on Friday June 29.

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