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Seth Macfarlane, of Family Guy fame, makes his film debut with the Universal Pictures movie, “Ted”. The cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis (who also appeared in Family Guy as the voice of Meg) and the creator himself, Seth Macfarlane as the voice of Ted.

In brief, this is a story about a thirty something man who still has a teddy bear from his childhood. Not locked away in some attic at his parents, or at the back of a wardrobe, but as a very LIVING part of the household. Oh, I forgot to mention that Ted speaks and has aged over time at the same rate as his owner. So its basically a 35 year old Teddy Bear… a cantankerous one at that too. Crux of the story is girlfriend gets annoyed and gives an ultimatum, ‘me or him’, and then much hilarity ensues.

If you want to know Ted better, you can follow Ted’s tweets about sex and drugs. Ideal for spicing up your Twitter stream. If you want to join the conversation you can use the hashtag: #Tedisreal.

Like Ted on Facebook (over half a million people can’t be wrong ). Written in first person, he is as offensive on Facebook as in real life :p

Read Ted’s blog here. Watch out, it is NSFW.

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