FrightFest Short Film Showcase Line Up

The Horror Chanel is sponsoring this year’s short film presentation on Sunday 26th August at FrightFest. Nine shorts in total have been selected and should be varied in tone and content. The Short Film Showcase has proven very popular in the past at the festival and continues to be an important supporter for new and independent film-makers.

PROGRAMME – Sunday 26th August, 1pm onwards

The Halloween Kid   UK   Dir. Axelle Carolyn  7.20
8-year-old Henry, a lonely and imaginative child, can only find happiness on Halloween. Narrated by Derek Jacobi and starring Anna Walton, Julian Glover, Dave Legeno and Leo Donnelly.

Alexis   Spain   Dir. Alberto Evangelio   9.45
Nine year old Alexis has killed his parents, but can concerned officials uncover the supernatural truth?

Gargols! (Snails!)   Spain   Dir Geoffrey Cowper   16.57
Three friends are partying in a park, when suddenly, Joey sees his first girlfriend, Eva. Joey decides to go talk to her and, when he finally tells her that he’s still in love with her, a King Kong sized snail appears to ruin his night.

My Brother’s Keeper (Or How I Learned To Survive The Apocalypse)   UK   Dir. Jen Moss  5.51
Holed up at the end of the world with her well-meaning but dim-witted brother Joe (Alex Esmail), Jess (April Pearson) isn’t sure what will destroy her will to live first: the zombies or Joe’s incessant optimism.

Lot 254   UK   Dir. Toby Meakin   13.00
A collector discovers that a vintage cine camera bought at auction is broken. Repairing it unlocks the hidden terror of Lot 254.

Un Jour Sang   France   Dir. Steven Pravong   14.00
She’s not free. He will destroy her, ruin her, profane her. This story is not new. Let’s tell it differently…

Metal Creepers   Spain   Dir J Oskura Najera and Adrian Cardona   11.00
A popular glam metal band is in the recording studio putting together their next record. Their producer hands them some strange scores that supposedly have magic powers.

Tokophobia   UK   Dir,  Evrim Ersoy, James Pearcey and Russell Would   6.25
A young woman, alone in her house on a sunny afternoon, discovers she is pregnant and in her mind there can only be one course of action.

The Captured Bird   Canada   Dir. Jovanka Vuckovic  10.00
In this dark fable, a little girl is drawn to a mysterious mansion where she witnesses the birth of five horrifying apparitions.

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