Batman: The World Of The Dark Knight Review

For obvious reasons, the entire world is currently Batman crazy. And it’s a frenzy which is absolutely justified. Whether you want to brush up on some info before entering the cinema to see a certain blockbuster, or if afterwards you feel some reading material might bring some extra light on the proceedings of the film, when better to do some research in the Dark Knight than at this time.


Batman: The World Of The Dark Knight is exactly that. In a similar vein to that of other ‘superhero encyclopaedias’ published by Dorling Kindersley, it really does go into a lavish amount of detail. Whether you are already familiar with the Batman mythos, or simply a fan of the films, this is the book you need for everything regarding the Caped Crusader.


Not quite as bookish or weighty as you might expect, The World Of The Dark Knight is an easy reading book filled with original artwork straight from the comics themselves. Detail-wise, writer Daniel Wallace leaves no stone unturned. The man spends 4 pages cover the Batsuit, while a lengthy 6 pages are spent tackling the utility belt and it’s various weapons and gadgets.


And, after talking about the Batcave and various vehicles the Batman has used throughout the years, Wallace delves into the mythology of the man himself. Taking on the origin which led Bruce Wayne to decide to become Batman is a harrowing tale which near everyone knows the details. But becoming Batman was another thing entirely after the decision was made, and this book unearths everything in the lead up to Bruce donning the infamous cowl.


As well as discussing Gotham and Wayne Manor/Enterprises, we get an in-depth look at each of the supporting characters of the Batman timeline. The various Robins, Alfred and Gordon each make a great appearance, as well as other allies, while each of Batman’s frightful villains get a mention. The most interesting is the Joker, without a doubt – if you have not read any previous material regarding the Clown Prince, look no further. Other recognizable names include Two-Face, Bane, Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin. Other, lesser known villains are also included.


After all the background detail needed, The World Of The Dark Knight then goes into the story arc which Batman has seen since his emergence. This in depth analysis crosses from the Golden Age to the current Modern Age, and includes Key Issues such as Batman: Year One and Arkham Asylum and goes over massive storylines such as Knightfall, Hush and Death In the Family.


We are then brought to the current, ‘New 52’ run of Batman, and up to date on the storyline. That, along with Wallace’s afterword, brings the book to a close. And the writer leaves us with an astounding title. Batman: The World Of The Dark Knight will surely leave many a fan happy with the resultant read, especially with everything Batman related going on in the world. To quote Wallace himself, “there’s never been a better time to be a Batman fan”


Chris Droney

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