Detention DVD Review

Detention had its premiere screening at FrightFest last year and received a good response. Now coming to Home Entertainment, the film is brimmed with slick humour, bright colour and a very satirical edge.

Just trying to tell the premise of the film with a straight face is hard work. Basically it’s an acid fuelled look at high school. A killer is on the loose, social cliques are still forever falling out, love is in the air, human flies are picking fights with other kids everyone is gonna end up in Detention – with a nice side line in time travel along the way.

You won’t find anything this hilariously bizarre for a mile – but despite all its Greg Araki stylistics and loss of logic throughout – it’s the trip itself that’s worth taking. Truly funny and well played by its young cast – this is a real find and a real instant cult film that will be talked about in the same vein as the likes of Heathers.


Steven Hurst

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