LEGO Lord of the Rings: Attack on Weathertop Review

Attack on Weathertop – Lord of the Rings

Pieces: 430

Ages: 8-14

Mini Figures: 5




2 Ringwraiths

Price: £49.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction booklet

5 Mini-figures (see names above)

4 numbered bags of Lego



Franchise: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Taken from the first installment of the LOTR trilogy – Frodo and his friends find themselves atop Weathertop only to come under siege from the Ringwariths. Thankfully they have Aragorn on hand to defend them.

This sequence comes around the mid-point of the first film and involves fewer characters than the epic battle sequences that come later in the series. But it is no less impactful for its more intimate setting. And Aragorn really gets to show us how strong a defender he is.


This is a mid-size set – so is not likely to take you all day to build. But right away we are impressed to stupendous levels at the amount of detail you get in this set. You dtart from the base up and right away the joining parts clearly show what they have done to make this set look the part and also open and close with ease.

Both exterior and interiors are littered with detail. All of which adds up to a semi-complicated build. But as ever the instruction manual won’t let you have any mis-steps along the way!

Half the joy is always in the build, but you can really tell the design teams have really worked on economizing the parts in a way that fulfills structure, but is also pleasing to the eye in a way that impresses.

Finished Product

Just gorgeous! Did we mention the attention to detail already?  The mini-armory, the functional trapdoor, the wall flames, the stairwell, the random rat! How about the fact that the Rightwraiths come with their very own demonic horses, glaring red eyes n’ all! Or how about the fact that Frodo most certainly does come with the one ring! (Although we were pleased that in the loose extra bits you find in every LEGO set we had two spares! Don’t tell Frodo!).

Each character comes equipped with weapon of choice, often their own capes and reversible head (yes happy and sad).

We do just love to sit and look at the architecture of it all though. Some bricks come with a mini-brick look to them, and there is always room for a random bit of shrubbery and even a camp fire with food to cook. And how cute are the Hobbit’s little legs!

Over all we are impressed. Sure Sam and Pippin may be missing, but the 5 minifigs we get are decent enough for this size a set. This would be a great gateway buy into the still expanding LOTR LEGO universe!

Steven Hurst

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