LEGO Desert Skiff Review

Desert Skiff

Pieces: 213

Ages: 7-12

Mini Figures: 4

Luke Skywalker

Boba Fett

Lando Calrissian


Price: £24.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction manual.

3 bags of Lego for each build stage.

Background: This one is clearly Return of the Jedi.  In one of the films more outstanding action set pieces we find our heroes on the verge of walking the plank and taking a dive into the almighty Sarlacc pit. Of course Luke Skywalker has other plans.  Sadly George Lucas didn’t have the best laid plans for one Boba Fett in this sequence. And this model hammers that point home by including a Special Edition added Beak!


This is a fairly quick build, but a highly enjoyable one.  For such a small and cheap set you get 4 decent mini-figs.  It’s great to get Lando in his armor again (as featured in the Jabba’s palace set), but you also get one of the Skiff guards who takes a dive in the film. But the stand out here is clearly for anyone going to be Boba Fett! From the tip of his helmet to his toes he has never appeared better in LEGO form. There is an antenna to add to his helmet and also his cape that drapes over one shoulder. And let’s not forget that all important malfunctioning rocket pack!

You then move onto the sarlacc pit which is a fairly basic base, but comes intact with Beak and a couple of tentacles. For a small set, you can’t really ask for much more, And Fett does sit nicely in the mouth should you chose to send him there.

The Skiff itself is the most fun part to build as it doesn’t require much repetitive building and have a few little bits about it of interest – like the plank than nest comfortably underneath, or the ammunition hold on the main deck. With these little details you can only wonder what a full size Jabba Barge might look like in a future edition!

Finished Product:

Even though the piece per penny ration is on the higher end, this should easily by an impulse buy for most people. The mere fact that they decided to include the Sarlacc pit (despite the set being called Desert Skiff is very generous, and not too bad an addition). The Skiff itself it well designed and is something of worth to the Star Wars far as far as memorable vehicles are concerned. The mini-figs are all worthy of collecting, and the fact that Boba Fett is in the mix makes it a must buy. Full marks all round for fun, collectability and value.

Steven Hurst

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