LEGO Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin Review

Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin

Pieces: 78

Ages: 6-12

Mini Figures: 1


Price: £9.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction manual.

1 Bespin Globe containing pieces

2 bags of Lego for each build stage.


The Empire Strikes Back gets a look in here with the twin-pod cloud car set.  Bespin is perhaps not the most well known of surfaces considering we spent our time in the Clouds in this area, but the ships were memorable for being part of the franchises most Art Deco part of the series.


Amazingly this set has the most pieces to date in the series. So you spend a fair amount of time putting the two cars together, and the result is another feat of decent LEGO engineering.

Finished Product:

Again we could live without the globe as it barely is memorable for being a planet in the series. But the twin cars are a nice design. Perhaps not the most threatening, but lovely for their bizarre design. What does grab out attention though is the inclusion of resident android Lobot. This is very much a cult figure worth getting hold of, and it is his inclusion that makes this set worth the price!

Steven Hurst

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