Six Bullets Competition

Reformed mercenary SAMSON GAUL (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has made rescuing stolen children his speciality – until his latest daring rescue attempt goes terribly wrong and results in too many casualties. Wracked with paralyzing guilt, Gaul gives up his vigilante ways to open a local butcher store.

But when PEGGY FAYDEN, daughter of down-on-his-luck professional fighter ANDREW FAYDEN (Joe Flanigan), is abducted right before his big comeback fight, Andrew and his wife MONICA (Anna-Louise Plowman) must convince Gaul to come out of retirement.

But Gaul’s fast-and-loose style might be more of a liability than the Faydens realize.

Jean Claude Van Damme stars in Six Bullets which is out to own on DVD, Blu-ray and EST on 1st October.

We have three copies of Six Bullets to give away to three lucky readers who can send us the corrrect answer to the follwing competition:

JCVD recently returned to the big screen this summer. What was the film in which he appeared?

Send your answer along with your postal address to

This competition closes on October 5th.

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