LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 Review

LEGO return again this year with another Star Wars Advent Calendar. Last year must have been a success as the format from last year’s model is followed again this year.

What is instantly gratifying is that they haven’t repeated any of the models from last year’s release. You do get various Mini-figs though, a couple of droid models to build and the rest are all miniature models of the vehicles throughout the franchise. It’s impressive that you can put together such complicated looking models with so few pieces (The AT-AT is a strong stand out here).

There are also a couple of Christmas themed mini-figs that are exclusive to this set. We can’t think of where else you’ll find Darth Maul dressed up as Santa?

The flipside of the coin to this set not duplicating any models from last year is that there are fewer of the truly iconic ships here to build. The Millennium Falcon, The Slave I, The Speeder, the X-Wing, The Tie-Fighter, all taken by last year. This year they have a couple that will stand out, but there are various others from the elsewhere in the franchise that won’t stand out as strongly. You may even have to look a couple up to figure out what they are!

But for value for money, 24 separate models or Mini-figs is a good price for LEGO. An ideal gift for any Star Wars fan out there, and bound to put a smile on their face before Christmas hits!

Steven Hurst

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