LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary Review

We’ve looked at Harry Potter, two lots of Star Wars, and now Batman gets a look in with the latest LEGO visual Dictionary Book.

This charts the LEGO Batman series that started back in 2006 (a year which included a very impressive Arkham Asylum and Batcave set). The book is mainly chaptered by characters in the Batman universe as well as various large sets you can still get hold of to this day.

Looks like Batman is going to be joining the ranks of other movie-tie in LEGO with their wonderfully colourful and creative sets. And with the history of the franchise in both book, TV and Film there is a wealth of characters, sets and vehicles for LEGO to warp their minds around. This book charts the beginnings of that in all of its glory. This literally is your one stop shop for making your own selections and having their details marked down. The tail end of the book also looks at the digital games and the design of each.

And before we forget – this book comes with an exclusive Batman Electro Suit mini figure. Exclusive minifigs are always a draw!

Parents  beware – this should probably be kept out of the reach of children around this time of year as you will end up with a rather large Christmas wish list. But then again, adults are no safer looking at this as this is pretty much a collectors shopping list in visual form. Batman LEGO isn’t extensive at this moment to the point where it is impossible to find older sets. It is still very much in its infancy at 6 years – but there is still enough out there to warrant start collecting now. As this series isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary is published by DK.

Steven Hurst

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