Krent Ables’ Big Book Of Mischief

Author: Krent Able

What you’ve got here is a real rollercoaster of a compilation, an exhilarating ride through the mind of Krent Able in this fast paced selection of his comics published in music mag ‘The Stool Pigeon’ from 2009 onwards. This behemoth of appallingly filthy humour, directed at the great and good of music is inventive, often obscene but frighteningly good.

I laughed all the way through this slim volume and was hugely impressed with Able’s technical skill and inventive wit. My particular favourite repeat character has to be Dr.Cave and his pet crow, a disturbingly accurate portrait of what the incomparable Nick Cave gets up to in his spare time. Gentle satire this ain’t, and all the better for it. Other memorable strips include Justin Timberlake’s unfortunate encounter with 50 Cent which pulls no punches, the monster Beach Boys rising menacingly from the surf and a Kanye West strip which features Obama being attacked by Lady Gaga’s lady parts. I kid you not. I also never, EVER have any desire to eat cheese while listening to Nick Cave!

One or two of the strips didn’t work so well for me, but perhaps I just didn’t get them. The ‘Danger Squad’ strips featuring Kraftwerk and Johnny Cash just didn’t seem as funny as the others. The vendetta strip featuring Goldfrapp also passed me by. However, I think that as I have never read the magazine it is quite likely I am missing a joke here. It is also important to show a full and varied body of work in any compilation and what appeals to some may not appeal to others. It works both ways.

In between strips there are numerous full page stand alone illustrations which are very impressive. I loved the David Lynch one which is now permanently seared into my eyeballs, as is the Lady Gaga illustration which defies description! This slim volume is a feast for the eyes, a real stomach churner and full of belly laughs. I consider my life richer for discovering it and my mind warped beyond all help…

Claire Hyypiä

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