The LEGO Book Review

This is the fully updated and revised edition of the book that is the best leaping point for any LEGO buyer.

There is a wonderful introductory history to the company before we focus on what is current with the brick

A timeline shows readers the various trends from the 50s up to present day. Theere is also a look into how the brick was patented, the various designs and how they are made.

Every wonder how a set is designed? Or how many logo designs LEGO has had? That’s in there too.

The book then moves onto the popular themes. For the modern builder there is LEGO city, anyone interested in the medieval can marvel at the sheer amount of Castle models. For the sci-fi adventurer there is Space Themes.

In fact there is very few moments in time or place around the globe (and outside of it) that LEGO hasn’t been yet. And let’s not forget all of the movie franchise LEGO that is more than the mere tie-in knock off. Star Wars in particular has updated versions of some of their best known ships. There is also the Ultimate Collector’s series for the serious builder (yes we are talking thousands of pieces per set!).

UK fans might want to get online to find the Indiana Jones sets as they aren’t out in stores here yet.

Boys and girls of all ages are tailored for in this book.

There is also a sneak peek at some of the mini-lands around the world (and we can’t urge fans enough to visit their nearest Legoland Park to see just how amazing mini-worlds are. Again the UK has a great world representation at the Windsor Park, but desperately need to expand into the movie mini-world theme as soon as possible).


Steven Hurst

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