Riddles For The Ring LEGO Review

Riddles for the Ring – The Hobbit

Pieces: 105

Ages: 8-14

Mini Figures: 2



Price: £11.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction booklet

2 Mini-figures (see names above)

2 numbered bags of Lego


Franchise: The Hobbit

The film isn’t out yet, but that won’t stop Hobbit LEGO finding its way to stores. This is the smallest of the initial Hobbit LEGO sets. But it is no less important, especially for Lord of the Rings fans. This one is where Bilbo encounters Gollum, and a certain item of bling!


For such a small model it is complex enough. The age says 8-14, but we think younger ages can handle the complexity of the rock design – mainly do to the small size of the piece. The rock face has an open door nature to the design, behind which is the rotating sculpted bricks that host the One Ring.

This adds complexity to the design, and of course adds to the “Riddle” nature of the piece. But you’ll have it built in no time.

Finished Product

It may be small, but it has moving parts, two iconic figures from the franchise and of course the one ring (we also got a spare one of these!). So if you don’t want to spend a fortune on LEGO then this is perhaps the small set you might be looking for. For the scene it sets, this one will be for collectors anyway.


Steven Hurst

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