Life Of Pi Soundtrack Review

Life of Pi has early awards buzz around it already, and the music score by Mychael Danna is a clear indicator of the quality that has gone into the film.

It is a mammoth 33 tracks on the CD soundtrack. There is a heavy Indian crossed with French influence (which does tie into the narrative of the character’s beginnings). The score seems to have a strong narrative structure to it. The opening tracks such as Piscine Militor Patel and Pondicherry are clear indicators of a story beginning a journey, broad and optimistic in their portrayal of what we believe to be the introduction of the character whose about experiencing life as opposed to shying away from it, but also the saga he is about to embark on. There is wonder and a vision for ahead and a strong projector of this ideal is the music.

As with all tales of adventure and pursuit; there is danger, excitement and drama, but the score never loses the sense of the fantastical along the way. This is a highlight score for the year that compliments equally the visuals used on screen for the film.

In comparison to a score that tells, shows and plays around with real magic in sound, this is the best example of such since Yann Tiersen’s score for Amelie. Just Beautiful.

Steven Hurst

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