Batmobilia Collectors Sets


Eaglemoss have recently launched a new magazine/ Model subscription series on the DC Batman Batmobiles called Batman Automobilia.

This is an 80 issues planned series (yes 80 different models of Bat-transport for you to collect).

We went out and grabbed the first few issues to see what the fuss was about.


The first issue (which came at a bargain opening price of £2.99) released the 1989 Tim Burton movie version of the Batmobile. Encases a plastic box with a film screen background, the cast model comes with a couple of props around it, as well as a rather fearsome Batman in the foreground.

You also get a magazine that gives you a schematic map of the car, highlighting the various features to be found on it. There is also a bit of history in there as well. It may be light on reading, but the design is decent enough and it gives the geek collector something to bind. The real beauty though is in the model itself.


Issue two (at a decent price of £5.99) came with the 60’s TV show Batmobile.  Sadly Adam West is not in attendance, but there is a glorious background of the Batcave, including a few models of some of the computers.


Issue three comes with the Tumbler from Batman Begins and saw the price hike up to what we expect will be the standard price per model at £9.99. Still to grab a favourite model of one of your favourite Batmobiles it’s not too hefty a price to pay as they do come in a decent enough case with (as mentioned) a background relevant to the model.

The only issue with the third model is that it was a size smaller than the previous cars. We didn’t expect the 60’s Batmobile to be any bigger than the Tim Burton car of the first issue (and it wasn’t). But we did expect the Tumbler to be bigger than both, but it sure aint.

Hopefully a minor setback for the series; and judging by the adverts below – it is. Still subscribe or buy as they come out this is a series worth collecting by the looks of it. But subscribers do get a few bonus items if they hand on for a good 6 months or so. Including a very attractive looking Batwing and also the Tim burton model again, but with the armour around it!  NICE!


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