Feed The Rhino - Corporation
Live Review

Feed The Rhino – Corporation, Sheffield

It’s a Sunday night and the snow has made an unwelcome return to Steel City; but this doesn’t stop Sheffield’s music lovers from venturing out to Corporation for tonight’s show.

First up tonight and with an admirable crowd size for an opening band is local hardcore punk/metal quartet Dead Harts. The loveable aggression of vocalist Matthew Baxendale sees him exert great power through his fierce roars, backed by brutal basslines and energy fuelled guitar. Rapid percussion reiterates Dead Harts ballsy punk influences and several band members move about the stage as if they own it; in particular Baxendale. Despite a static crowd consisting of the odd headbanger, the band doesn’t seem phased in the slightest and just seem very grateful that they aren’t playing to a ghost room.

Standard gig protocol, the crowd begins to thicken with some individuals gaining confidence and moving towards the dramatically high stage. Belgian sludge rock outfit Steak Number Eight are next to take to the stage and if there’s a band out there who know how to create atmosphere it’s these guys: their melodic rhythms are clashed with heavier elements which combine to create a powerful ambience in the room. Their tracks are lengthy but in this case quality over quantity is certainly applicable. The band’s almost static presence is soon removed in a melodic section of ‘Stargazer,’ where vocalist/guitarist Brent Vanneste is freed from his mic to adopt a confident power stance. Steak Number Eight’s emotion filled performance is certainly admirable, calming the venue yet still feeding an air of heaviness; pleasing the crowd who cheer repeatedly between songs.

Calling tonight their ‘hometown’ show, Bingley’s Marmozets are up next; having had a phenomenal 12 months touring with some of the hottest names in rock and receiving reams of exposure, the quintet are certainly on the tip of many people’s tongues; and rightly so with this electrifying performance. The crowd seem in absolute awe with vocalist Becca Macintyre, who takes to the stage with so much confidence throughout the whole set. Despite appearing to have some issues with on stage sound, from the crowd the band sound fantastic, executing their highly technical tracks with what seems like great ease. A new track yet to be released goes down well with the crowd and the progression of the band’s sound seems much more mature; gearing the crowd up for what’s to come with the new release. It wouldn’t be a Marmozets show without a touch of visual entertainment, with guitarist Sam Macintyre jumping down from the stage to join the crowd, thrashing about in his own mini moshpit in an attempt to encourage similar movement from the crowd. His wish is granted as Becca joins in finale ‘Vexed’ and the crowd show their appreciation by opening up a moshpit to close an intense set. Marmozets have pulled out all the stops and their live performance continues to impress.

Finally, the band that everybody in the room has been waiting for: Feed The Rhino. Entering the stage to a drum ‘n’ bass introduction both the band and crowd seem to be geared up for this next performance; the minute they step on stage stretching and preparing themselves the crowd scream with excitement for the next hour of killer music. This time around, the crowd are far from shy: instigating a moshpit from the word GO and tearing apart the dark and dingy venue. The crowd are in the palm of vocalist Lee Tobin’s hand, his natural confidence and interaction with the venue is mesmerising. The entire set is energy fuelled and members take full advantage in moving about the stage; appearing to be having just as much fun as the crowd below them, tearing their t-shirts off to reveal ink stained bodies as the temperature rises. Their combination of powerful, ferocious roars, vigorous riffs and rapid percussion without a doubt provide an explosive performance; one guy in the crowd gets so carried away that he has to be taken aside due to smashing his head open. The hour set absolutely flies by and Feed The Rhino have owned Corporation from start to finish, leaving the whole crowd psyched; Tobin even hinted that they would be making a more than welcome return in the near future.

The bill tonight was exceptional; each band bringing a slightly different sound to the table but all delivering something special here in Sheffield. I’m confident that everybody in attendance – myself included – will go home very satisfied this Sunday evening; what a fantastic way to round off the week!

Venue: Corporation, Sheffield
Support Band: Marmozets, Steak Number Eight, Dead Harts

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