Broken Trailer


BROKEN is critically acclaimed, and multi award winning theatre director, Rufus Norris’ first feature film about a girl forced to grow up too fast, adapted from Daniel Clay’s novel by Mark O’Rowe.

Norris’ debut feature tells the story of Skunk Cunningham (Eloise Laurence), an 11 year old girl living in North London with her older brother Jed (Bill Milner), their father Archie (Tim Roth) and au pair Katya (Zana Marjanovic). She witnesses a violent attack which brings chaos to Skunk’s life. Her home, her neighbourhood, her school all become treacherous environments where the certainties of childhood give way, and a complex, broken world fills her future. Skunk seeks solace in the last remaining place where she knows she can find it — the unspoken friendship with sweet, damaged Rick (Robert Emms) — and falls into a chaos where suddenly, joyfully, she has choice thrust back into her hands.

The choice to remain in this place she was never promised, or to leave it entirely. Shot through with a vibrant energy and wit (Rob Hardy B.S.C), Broken is an exploration of love in the many forms it arrives in: idealised, unrequited, unwanted, and ultimately, unconditional.

Broken is out March 8, 2013.

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