Don Broco - Camden Underworld
Live Review

Don Broco – Camden Underworld

This show sold out in 5 minutes, had a 500 capacity and a line up to make even the cynics excited, it was surprising that we weren’t at an intimate One Direction show, although the fans queuing for hours before doors, and the reactions of the girls in the audience could have convinced you otherwise.

Essex’s own Hey Vanity opened the show, with an almost full floor to greet, them, a great sound, and tight riffs, showing that the experience they have from other bands really works out as their new line up. Playing hits from their soon to be released EP, and smashing out a version of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya!’, they really got the crowd going. In fact, they were quite possibly the best show openers any band could ask for, with a frontman that worked the audience and their cover that meant that everyone could get involved, Don Broco were a lucky band to have these guys on board.

Mallory Knox were up next, and they smashed out 30 minutes of pop-rock, including ‘Lighthouse’, their single what was free on iTunes earlier in the year (and reached the top 40!). It seemed that the majority of the crowd were as interested in this band as they were for the headliners, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what the fuss was about. Although they sounded scrappy in places, it almost bought a raw, sexy edge to the set, and let’s face it, no one wants a perfectly produced, ‘are they miming?’ sound live.

You could feel the excitement building. The fact this show sold out in minutes, shows the commitment of these fans, and this show, the London leg of the Priorities tour: Part 1, was set to be mega. And as per normal with the Broco, they did not underwhelm. An entrance worthy of an arena gig, to the reception of screaming fans, band members took to the stage one by one, to the bass line of their single Priorities. Bobby D came out last, and got straight into the song that we all thought would be pretty near the end of the set, beginning with the now infamous ‘Broco Walk’. It got the crowd alive and my word was this turning out to be one hell of a show stopping show. After playing 3 new songs, they cut straight into 3, more heavier older tunes from their EP, Thug Workout, I’m Good and Beautiful Morning, and aside from the general mosh pits going on in the tiny space, during Thug Workout a huge space was cleared and immediately filled, without Rob asking, with boys doing push ups. The push-up squad as they are known had to do 20 before the band would continue the song, an excellent gimmick if you ask me…and if you don’t mind the humiliation and dirty hands and knees from a venue floor. Powering through the rest of the new album, Priorities, with, to my utmost pleasure and surprise, with numerous moments of synchronised dance moves, it was a laugh a minute at the Underworld. It was during this though that it struck me that pretty much every member of the crowd was singing along to every word, and were genuinely excited by the prospect of watching it live, some young females more than others. Coming back for an encore of a crowd harmonising Yeah Man, it was as they walked off the stage and I realised I was left wanting more that I really realised that this show had restored my faith in this particular music scene. 9/10? 10/10 or more aptly, an album matching 11/10. Well done.

Venue: Camden Underworld
Support Band: Hey Vanity, Mallory Knox

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