For The Life Of Me - Closure
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For The Life Of Me – Closure

Oregon’s own post-hardcore/punk four-piece For The Life Of Me have been a band since 2009. A lot of hard graft has gone into their debut EP, ‘Closure’ and it shows. Just one play all the way through, and I realise the release dropped into my inbox is something pretty exceptional.

Each of the four tracks, from the brutally honest opener ‘Eleven’ to the eloquent ‘Sung Out Of The Blue’, evokes emotion – be it righteous fury, or that deep impenetrable sadness born of disillusionment that you can’t quite put your finger on. Lyrical gems are scattered throughout the record; on ‘Sung Out Of The Blue’, vocalist Lee Parks voices perfectly that sentiment of regret: ‘Pick apart the ways to waste a life/to find out how I’ve come this far alive’. Suffice to say, listening to the EP is the equivalent of stepping onto an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s easy to see why the comparisons to Make Do and Mend are rolling in – this is a band that fans of Make Do and Mend can wholeheartedly fall for. For The Life Of Me are breathing new life into the post-hardcore/punk scenes; clocking in at only four tracks, this release is far too short. In the space of 17 minutes, I’ve grinned and danced and curled up crying to the sound of Lee Parks’ gritty vocals.

Here’s an EP to listen to lying on your back with your headphones turned up loud enough to drown out the world. It’s a rollercoaster for sure, so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Venue: Closure
Support Band: Self Release

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