Road To Horizon - Chapters
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Road To Horizon – Chapters

Wakefield post-hardcore mob Road To Horizon are destined for big things. It’s a strong statement to make, but a conclusion that’s easy to draw after lending an ear to their debut EP, ‘Chapters’. With bands like Bury Tomorrow and Yashin paving the way for UK post-hardcore/metal crossovers, Road To Horizon have opportunity aplenty to win fans over, and the talent to make it big.

Fans of A Day To Remember will delight in this new band, as will fans of the heavier but equally captivating Bury Tomorrow – Road To Horizon are easy to compare to the two whilst retaining their own twist on the metalcore genre.

Comprising six tracks, five originals and a cover, the EP is a pretty good representation of Road To Horizon as a band. With Ben Flockton’s vocals given a pretty strenuous workout over the release, it captures perfectly their potential as a band. Standout track ‘In Your Bed’ is a catchy tune lingering long after the EP plays out, and the guitar work throughout is impeccable – shredding aplenty, riffs like nobody’s business – these guys can play.

‘Open Your Eyes’ begins with a an extract from General Patton’s speech on the eve of D-Day – listening to the song, eyes closed, and just taking in the ferocity and passion coming across, it feels as though Road To Horizon are gearing up for something big. And with their soaring, roaring cover of Rita Ora’s ‘R.I.P’, they prove their worth as musicians; this track needs to be on the next Punk Goes Pop volume.

The EP is a little rough-hewn in places, ‘This Is The End’ feels a little rushed – whilst musically impressive, the lyrics leave a little more to be desired. However, all lyricists improve with time, and what Road To Horizon lack in eloquence, they make up with great music – keep an eye out for these guys, because they’re going to be big.

Venue: Chapters
Support Band: Self Release

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