Book Of Sith Review

416DakUN7gL._SL500_AA300_Do we really need another addition to the Star Wars memorabilia universe? That was my initial response, but once I got my paws on it, I had to admit it was pretty darn cool.

The Book of Sith is a manual for those who want to follow the dark side of the Force. It’s based on the premise that Darth Sidious collected five Sith texts and authored a sixth one himself . The books were lost, but pages from all six were collated into one volume that Luke has been asked to look into. Created by Daniel Wallace, it’s a true piece of fan fiction and only fitting that he’s penned it. His own back catalogue proves that there are few fans with his level of insight into the franchise.

The book itself contains was gorgeous details, from the uniquely laser-cut pages, to the copious illustration work and the handwritten notes from an assortment of characters from Ventress to Luke. No true Star Wars fan should be without this tome to the Dark Side and there’s plenty of information here that simply can’t be found anywhere else. A book that can be pored over time and time again and if you can get your hands on the presentation box…well, like I said, it’s pretty cool.

Maliha Basak


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