Fletcher - Don't Breathe A Word
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Fletcher – Don’t Breathe A Word

Don’t Breathe A Word is the debut single from Ben Fletcher, the Australian multi-instrumentalist who has toured extensively as a part of Sarah Blasko’s backing band in recent times. It comes from his soon to be released debut solo album, Upon Ayr.

The folky song has a lovely, simple mood to it, with acoustic guitar initially backing Fletcher’s slow and mellow vocals. A piano comes in at the chorus along with a soft counterpoint vocal from Sarah Blasko. With lyrics telling of the end of a relationship this is a dark song, but it is reflective rather than maudlin.

The pace continues to build and the musical backing becomes gradually more complex as bass and drums are added, but Fletcher’s smooth and slightly husky voice slides through it all rather nicely before disappearing as a flurry of drums ends the track.

This is a decent song with a well defined musical structure and it bodes well for the album that is to come. Fletcher has a voice that is ideally suited to folk/ pop songs and the arrangement here shows off his instrumental talents without overpowering the vocals.

Venue: Don’t Breathe A Word
Support Band: Dramatico Entertainment

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