Kodaline - In A Perfect World
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Kodaline – In A Perfect World

Love and love lost is the resounding theme in Kodaline’s debut, In A Perfect World. The young Irish 4 piece have been making something of a name for themselves in recent times ahead of their release, known for their emotive songs and accompanying music videos.

Kodaline’s record holds emotion in great regard, as can be seen in the opening track ‘One Day’, as Steven Garrigan softly soothes “One day it’s here and then it’s gone / how are you still holding on?”.

The sound of the album is in the same vein as what we’ve heard from the previous High Hopes EP, with the title track of that release appearing on this record, along with the previously released ‘All I Want’. The latter has been changed, to accompany the more mature sound of this LP.

It is not all sadness and break-ups here though, as current single ‘Love Like This’ see’s the mood being switched to a more up tempo and up beat vibe as Garrigan looks to the future as he knows his current relationship is doomed to fail. The track ‘Pray’, possibly the best on the record, takes a different turn altogether.

Harrowing guitar and bass from Mark Prendergast and Jason Boland before Garrigan joins on piano, the lyrical content of this song may stray into similar territory seen in other songs. But it is the musicianship which turns this song into something more. The entire band come together in a light not yet seen, and the result is ‘Pray’ being a sure fan favourite.

‘All Comes Down’, clocking in at near five minutes, sees the infusion of a gospel choir-esque act from the boys as Vinny May’s drum is complemented once more by Garrigan’s keyboard work. “Love is a battle” is the cry of the song as it reaches it’s climax, vocals a plenty.

Album closer ‘Way Back When’ ends the record on a positive note, as Garrigan looks to the future while also looking back on memories of a previous relationship. But if there is one thing Kodaline should be doing, it is looking to the future.

In A Perfect World is a strong debut, one to be proud of and one that doesn’t come around all too often. For a first full length to hold such emotion and being able to display and express this emotion so well is a feat in itself. But the fact that these guys are genuinely great musicians aswell leaves a lot to be said of their future. In A Perfect World has more heart than most, which is what Kodaline wanted you to know all along.

Download: Pray, All Comes Down, Love Like This, All I Want

Venue: In A Perfect World
Support Band: B-Unique and RCA Records

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