Sponsored Video: Silence The Troll With V Energy

Sponsored Video: Silence The Troll With V Energy

We’ve all been there, trawling Youtube for new music or amusing cats and scrolling through the depressingly long list of comments, each spiralling out of control in a flame war between keyboard warriors determined to have their say. Internet users everywhere are cowering in the corner as the trolls rampage unchecked – imagine a world where this kind of behaviour spills onto the streets and we’re all in trouble; to coin a phrase, who ya’ gonna call?

Well, those helpful folks at V-Energy have taken it upon themselves to cleanse the cranks from the Interweb with their new V-Hab program, designed to readjust the technologically-angry and restore balance to the online community. The first stage of the recovery programme is a comment convertor that took six weeks to build using natural language processing. This thing could well contain the largest database of profanity known to mankind and is designed to transform any negative trolling into a stream of positivity.

They’ve also created a ‘De-troll Your Life’ browser extension which sweeps to the darkest recesses of the internet to help avoid a relapse, or you can call in a ‘Troll Intervention’ to silence the worst offenders via a Facebook app.

The V-Hab Shush Kitten is the first line of defence, and who’s going to argue with this little fella? Positive energy breeds positive energy, let’s make the Internet a nicer place to live and Silence the Troll.

This post has been sponsored by V Energy but all thoughts are our own.

V-Hab.com http://unr.ly/18Fv3Ii
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V Energy Facebook UK http://unr.ly/18Fv3Ik
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