Maini - Hold Me

Maini – Hold Me

Maini Sorri is a Finnish singer-songwriter living in Sweden and composing music since she was only 8 years old. Her first compositions were for the piano, but it was as a songwriter and a singer she has made her breakthrough.

Maini writes music and lyrics under a strong inspiring spirit, and this is why her songs come across to be very genuine and relatable to her audience. Once you have had chance to listen to her music you can see that Maini has her own style quite unlike anyone else.

Maini has performed her own songs in concerts and on radio and TV creating a beautiful and melodious atmosphere each time. She has a clear and beautiful voice and has studied songs by several eminent song teachers along with music theory and composing.

Maini’s new catchy dance single Hold Me was released on May 7th 2013 in Sweden. A must see, the Hold Me music video is being promoted to MTV and all over the USA by Trilogy Music Group in Hollywood. The music video was directed by W.A. Henderson from Los Angeles and the label behind the release is Reya music from Sweden.
Maini has, as always, written the music, while the lyrics are by Gary Cornman from the USA and the remix is by Carsten Lehmann from Germany. The beautiful Hold Me music video that you will want to watch time after time stars Mali Monae and Michael Martinez from Los Angeles, USA .

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