Watch Lewis Fieldhouse Gibson Sofa Session

Watch Lewis Fieldhouse Gibson Sofa Session

Born in the wilds of North Yorkshire, Lewis Fieldhouse is a songwriter and producer based in the UK, who is already making a few noises on the blog circuit and releases his brand new single ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ this month.

“I wrote Don’t Be A Stranger when I was in Los Angeles last year” says Lewis of the new single “I’d recently decided to go solo and went out to the US for a working holiday, taking in some new culture and a different perspective. The optimism and the energy of LA grabbed me instantly and I wrote the song in a day. It’s about being in a new city and surviving on hope, promises and no money.”

Watch the live Gibson Sofa Session of his new single Don’t Be A Stranger here:

‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ is available for free download on 15th July.

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