The Cuban Brothers - So Sweet
Single Review

The Cuban Brothers – So Sweet

It’s got soul. Funk’n’soul to be precise. The new single from The Cuban Brothers ‘So Sweet’ really embraces the new found popular love for disco and soul anthems. With the success of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, this CBs single features Mica Paris’ dulcet tones, and should be welcomed with open arms. This is a single that is ready for 2013 with a neat throwback to the 70s dance floor.
A little repetitive in places, however this adds to the catchiness, and the song ends far too abruptly, but the vintage sounds fit well, and leave you wanting to check out the album if you have not already. The single is retro, all sorts of retro, and with that comes the feeling of not a care in the world. A great sound ready for festivals this year. The video – streaming HERE is super hot; Afros, great suits and a look and feel that makes you feel that the sunshine is here, and here to stay.

The Cuban Brothers Present The CBs – ‘So Sweet’ is released on A-Skillz Jam City label on July 15th.

Venue: So Sweet
Support Band: A-Skillz Jam City

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