Pastry Goes Horror


You may well be asking yourself why we are talking about food on a film website?  Well we ran into a pastry chef in London who took it upon herself to design some horror themed biscuits, and we couldn’t resist sharing the look of them with you.

Bernadette Box, a sous chef at a hotel in Knightsbridge, London designed almost a dozen biscuits based on various iconic weapons and costumes including Freddy Kruger’s glove and sweater, the configuration box from Hellraiser, Jason’s machete and hockey mask and more. Marketing companies have been inventing various ways to create toys, stationery, posters, magnets, etc. to link with campaigns but of course food is right in there too.

We had a quiet word with Bernadette to see what she had to go through to prepare these delicious pastry products…

“Each biscuit takes two days to create. The first day I cut out and bake the biscuits then pipe on the basic design on and then they are left to set overnight. Day two is piping on all the small details to make the biscuits look as close to the “real” designs as possible.”

“To create the biscuit I simply get an image of whatever I want to make a biscuit out of and from that I create a stencil so I can hand cut it out of biscuit dough. Next I try to match the colours of the icing as best as possible using royal icing and then the design is all free hand. I use the pictures for inspiration and reference.” 

And very impressed we were, in particular with the simplicity of some of the designs, but the attention to detail on the box from Hellraiser (yes we know what it’s really called we can’t be arsed to spell check it!). But did Ms Box have a favourite herself?

“I quite like them all! But I think my favourite would have to be the Freddy glove!”

Which is your favourite? (see finished designs below)

Filmwerk were so impressed that we have commissioned some of these grizzly baked goods for FrightFest later this month. We will be presenting some very special designs to some very special people on site. Keep your eyes peeled on the website that week for visual, written and audio coverage!


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