In Dynamics - Circle EP
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In Dynamics – Circle EP

In Dymanics are an up and coming three piece from Brighton whose debut EP, ‘Circle’, gives UK rock fans something to be excited about. With production from Chris Coulter (who has produced for Arcane Roots and Jumping Ships), In Dynamics present an EP with a sound which has all the potential of comfortably rocking a main festival stage.

‘Circle’ opens with ‘Equal Ground’, a fast paced track which immediately brings up comparisons with Biffy Clyro, particularly in the sense that Beau, Will and Jack of In Dynamics have a seriously brilliant handle on, ironically, the use of dynamics to create tunes with soaring ups and downs, cool little riffy break downs, sensitive vocals and a solid helping of wooahh–ooohh-oooohh-oohhhs. Far from creating simply stadium rock, this band have a delightful punk element with a little indie influence and clearly wide bag of tricks up their young sleeves. ‘Liposuction’ introduces a punky spoken vocal whilst maintaining a super catchy chorus, whist ‘Symmetry’ is a sweet yet rousing future singalong fan favorite. Single ‘Running Hands’ uses jaggered little riffs and a great bassline in partnership with Beau Boulden’s very impressive vocals. The EP is rounded off with ‘I Never Make Sense’, a suitably epic sounding ending with solid drumming and guitar work which contrasts between heavier distorted sounds and lighter melodic parts.

Circles is an absolute gem of an EP. With a really genuine bedroom sound twinned with gifted singalong song writing, you can just smell the potential on these boys. Listening to the EP, you could be as easily air drumming along on the bus or standing in the crowd at Reading or Leeds. Girls will love it, guys will dig it; there’s no denying that In Dynamics have got it, and their songs are catchy AS HELL.

– Zoe Edwards

Venue: Circle EP
Support Band: Self Release

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