Zola Jesus Reveals New Video For Fall Back

Zola Jesus Reveals New Video For Fall Back

Zola Jesus has just unleashed her latest video for ‘Fall Back,’ the latest single taken from her album Versions, a collection of adapted work by legendary experimental composer and symphonic arranger JG Thirlwell.

The video, produced by BANGS and directed by Allie Avital Tsypin, is an attempt to reconcile the chasm between order and chaos according to Zola aka Nika Roza Danilova who delves into the imagery and thought behind the video in this statement:

When I wrote ‘Fall Back,’ I was thinking of those moments in your life when you know exactly what you want, and how it is in that instant of knowing that you commit yourself to the unbending stamina of your own will. You relinquish control to instincts. The video communicates the stillness of conviction by capturing the point when the eye fixes the target. There is very little movement, as it is not about getting that thing you want, but knowing that it will be yours.

Watch the video for ‘Fall Back’:

Zola Jesus will bring the live show to Europe for a string of special one off concerts, complete with string quartet.

UK Live Dates:

October 3rd London Tabernacle

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