A Quick Chat With Common Mama

A Quick Chat With Common Mama

Glasswerk writer Jess Kempner caught up for a very brief chat with the musically talented but not overly loquacious Common Mama, aka Italian musician Ferdinando Arnò and Manchester born Jon Kenzie, ahead of the release of their new EP. Now that it’s out in the ether for your listening pleasure, you can check out a full stream further down the article.

Firstly can you introduce yourselves with an animal that you each most look like?
An animal? Hamster!

Your sound is very mellow, are both of you that chilled out?
Very, very chilled out….

Jason Mraz, John Mayer – sound-alikes or actual inspiration?
I didn’t really think we sounded like either.. I like some John Mayer stuff, not really into Jason Mraz personally although I think his live performances come across well

Now some more ‘serious’ questions – what was SXSW like?
Very cool festival, so many amazing acts performing and a constant hustle and bustle on the streets. Great experience and really nice shows.

Ferdinando, Jon was a busker when you spotted him – can you remember what songs you heard him playing?
Mmmm maybe some of his stuff…

Jon, how has life changed from busking in the tube stations to being in a band?
Not too much, I’ve always played music in many different forms and incarnations. I still busk when I get the opportunity. Common Mama is another unique experience for me, it’s probably at the other end of the scale from busking.

Is there anyone that you’d both like to collaborate with?
Tom Waits would be good!

Where do you draw the most inspiration for your lyrics from? Real life? Movies? Fantasy?
All of the above and more really, it just depends on the what comes out at the time.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2013?
Gig, write, gig, write, travel, gig, write, rest.

You have an EP about to be released – can you tell us about it?
Ferdinando can probably tell you more. It’s good!

How would you plug the release to readers in 10 or less words?
Stop what you’re doing and listen to this quick! You’ll love it!

Finally, if you could have one superpower what would it be?
Time traveling…then I could go back in time every time I misplace or lose my phone or keys and find out where I put them.

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