Drones - Free Marked Kids EP
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Drones – Free Marked Kids EP

Surrey based punk/ hardcore four piece Drones are back with a new six track EP. The first release since debut album Mutiny, the Free Marked Kids EP is full of big guitar riffs, political lyrics and typically high energy, fast paced songs.

Opening track Raise The Stakes is probably closer to hard rock than punk. The guitar riffs are massive and Daly George’s vocals on the shout along chorus are powerful. Rob King’s guitar solo also stands out. It’s probably the best track on the EP.

For The Record has more of a typically punk sound with screamed lyrics and frenetic drumming from Mitchell Thomas. Empty Words, which was included on the free compilation Skatepunk for South Bank, has a similar feel, as does the solid Bloodline Kings

The title track Free Marked Kid has a great chorus, the music ebbing momentarily until George’s vocals are backed only by James Kerr’s superb bass line. Closing track Graves has an ominous feel, the guitars taking control to set a solid rhythm. King’s solo work again stands out, with several short solos bursting through the mix. There is more instrumental work on this one and it sounds very good.

Drones have power aplenty and a talent for making hardcore music with melody. This EP will go down very well with the band’s growing fanbase, and might just persuade a few others to give them a listen. They are a band with plenty to say.

Venue: Free Marked Kids EP
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