De Staat - Devil's Blood

De Staat – Devil’s Blood

Dutch 5-piece DE STAAT announce a 3-date residency at The Black Heart in Camden (London) on September 23rd, September 31st and October 14th. As front man Torre explains this unique experience for the band: “London, being vibrant and exciting every time, made us ask this question: What would happen if we play the same place, on the same day in the week, at the same time, for three weeks? We’ve never done something like this in the five years of our existence. I’d want to see that. All three times.”

These will be their first and only shows in 2013, but look out for more live announcements in the coming months for DE STAAT in 2014. The band began a huge European wide, 5 month tour in August, which runs until January 2014.

The band can also reveal their brand new video for single ‘Devil’s Blood’, which will be released October 14th, on the day of their final London show and couple of weeks after the release of new studio album ‘I_CON’, released on September 16th.

Delving even just a ‘little’ deeper though reveals DE STAAT as one of the most exciting, undiscovered gems in European music. Front man Torre Florim worked with the likes of Vance Powell (legendary, multi Grammy award winning mixer from Nashville, Jack White’s right hand man) and Ben Newman (London artist, created the beautiful, totem pole artwork for ‘I_CON’) but as with previous recordings, the sonic vision for the bands output was very much both laid down by Torre. This was both through a year and a half pre production, writing, rehearsing and demo’ing AND with having Torre behind the production desk (with Attie Baauw as engineer).

Recorded in just 12 days at Black Box studio in the west of France, ‘I_CON’ is a majestic, multi-layered, warm and varied album. Where previous album ‘Machinery’ was very much a guitar driven record, ‘I_CON’ thrives on a much more synth and sci-fi soundtrack infused beating heart, with African rhythms, happy hardcore, trap-influences and weird sounds also helping create its sound. Pooling influences from world music, 80’s rock/dance cross over like Talking Heads, science fiction sound tracks, House music, the dark story telling of the likes of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and so much more. ‘I_CON’ is an album to discover, be blown away by and repeatedly get lost in, marking DE STAAT out as one of 2013’s most exciting new discoveries.

UK live dates:
3-date residency at The Black Heart in Camden
Sept 23rd, Sept 30th and October 14th

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