Caviare Days - Beyond Retro
Live Review

Caviare Days – Beyond Retro, London

Afternoon shows are a little bit odd at the best of times so an afternoon show squished into a shop didn’t really fill me with much confidence. Beyond Retro in East London is one of my favourite vintage shops so any extra excuse to be down there is a good one for me! I’m happy to say my concerns were totally waylaid and it was interesting but cosy venue with a couple of pretty awesome bands.

For a band that have only been together since November including a bass player that had never picked up a bass until he joined the band, Hunter And The Bear are tight. Their music tells tales of things and times far beyond their 22 years. These are journeys you can’t help but get wrapped up in. I found myself hanging on to every lyric, every beat, being whisked away to the forest on the hill and beyond. With their excitable, enthusiastic yet totally authentic folk music I’m totally expecting these three boys to be a big feature on festival stages next summer. Catch them as soon as you can.

Caviare Days are a very different beast to Hunter And The Bear with their retro, psychedelic 60’s and 70’s sound and two front women. One of which reminds me of a Swedish Penny Lane from Almost Famous and the other who gyrates like an old school bond girl silhouette crossed with old school fitness guru, The Green Goddess. Listening to them in the confines of the shop felt like an absolute crime. I felt like I should have flowers in my hair and be twirling through a meadow in a long floaty dress or nothing but body paint! They manage to resurrect the sound of this bygone era without making it sound staid and stale. There’s a modern overtone that makes this five piece an exciting prospect and a definite contender to your new favourite band.

Venue: Beyond Retro, London
Support Band: Hunter And The Bear

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