McFly - Royal Albert Hall
Live Review

McFly – Royal Albert Hall

Arriving at the Royal Albert Hall, for the second night of 4 sold-out shows, armed with my best friend, teenage fantasies (still intact) and a pair of earplugs, excitement was at its peak. Why? I was off to see one of the greatest bands of all time: McFly.

Now, a heavy judgement calling them the best band of all time, but this show was no ordinary show, and that is something that is certainly not just my opinion. These shows, at the stunning Royal Albert Hall, were home to McFly’s celebrations of their 10th anniversary. That’s 10 years of chart topping, song writing and own music playing. All very well, but this is no ‘big reunion’ tour.

Fletcher, Judd, Jones, and Poynter took to the stage to play through some of the biggest selling singles of the past decade, and showcase one of their upcoming releases from studio album number 6.

What was noticeable, aside from the screaming fans, who were itching with excitement, was the close bond that the boys had – both from their on stage presence and being able to pre-empt each other’s moves, all the way to their relationships portrayed on screen during the show.

Other people to pop up on the screen were ex-Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles, who introduced the McFly day single he played religiously every Friday on the breakfast show. There were also clips of the work that the boys had done with Busted, One Direction and their reality TV debuts.

Two-thirds of Busted joined them on stage for a ‘McBusted’ production of 5 colours in her hair, and Busted classics Air Hostess and Year 300, which McFly also had a lot to do with. The screams in the crowd intensified – the look on the bouncers faces was clear that they were not paid enough for it, but it was great. The atmosphere, the intensity and the enjoyment.

Ringo, Paul, John and George would have had some competition if they were around simultaneously, and yet McFly seem to have that edge. No need for wacky collaborations or talk about drugs, 10 years down the line and they all seem happy, both as a band or as husbands/fiances/boyfriends – and not a solo record in sight.

Although Tom did have his moment on stage. A stage school kid, with a fantasy of writing his own musical, spent 6 minutes serenading the crown with ‘McFly the Musical by Tom Fletcher’, a pop comedy masterpiece, a PG-Tim Minchin (find it on youtube).

It is a shame that although they can prove that they write their songs, play their own instruments and even beat The Beatles as the youngest band ever to have a debut album chart straight at No.1, they still can’t get passed the ‘manufactured pop’ label that they picked up.

This show was the most passionate, loudest, fun, and most electrifying show that I have been to in a long time. Long live the ‘boy-band’ if that’s what they must be known as.

Venue: Royal Albert Hall
Support Band: None

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