Scarlette Fever - Single White Female EP
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Scarlette Fever – Single White Female EP

Scarlette Fever (or Karen Louise Barrow as she is also known) has a quite superb voice. There’s lots I could say about her wide range of influences, which run from Maria Callas to David Bowie. About her image and her flamboyant approach to music. Or perhaps about the way her music has evolved since her debut single Crash and Burn back in 2011. But the starting point has to be that wonderful, powerful and melodic voice.

This excellent four track EP gives a good introduction to anyone who is not yet aware of Scarlette’s undoubted talents. Produced by Steve Lironi (Bon Jovi), Tommy Farager (Al Green, Dusty Springfield) and Scarlette herself, the music is bold and attention grabbing. At times slow and fervent, at others showing the rock side of her nature, there is real variety on show here.

Lead single Sunday Best is a wonderfully passionate piano ballad. There are two versions on the EP, the first being the radio edit and the later one the full version. The vocals start slowly and build as the track develops, allowing Scarlette to show the full range of her talents. Guitars take over, vocal harmonies are added and a slow ballad has become a big pop song. It’s radio friendly and quite simply a lovely song.

The live recording of Looking Class sees Scarlette in full rock chick mode. This one gives space for the full power of her voice to come to the fore. The big guitar riffs, lovely bass line and solid drums provide fine backing, but the vocals are the high point of an infectious rock song.

Title track Single White Female has a gorgeous rhythm, a slow rock feel that builds and then explodes into a big chorus full of attitude and defiance. The girl power theme demonstrates that this is one female who will always go her own way. There’s confidence aplenty and more than just a hint of brash sexiness.

Scarlette Fever is both a talented song writer and a fine singer. She has the knack of surrounding herself with the right people to help her to make damned good music, as amply demonstrated on this EP. Scarlette is in the process of a recording a new album for release early in 2014. Attack Of The 6ft Woman (great title) is the sequel to her 2011 album debut Medication Time – and I can’t wait to hear it.

Venue: Single White Female EP
Support Band: Starfisch Records

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