Tusindfald - Kys
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Tusindfald – Kys

Kys is the rather nice debut EP from young Danish dreampop/ shoegaze band Tusindfald, who formed around the very talented Danish producer, musician and engineer Jesper Lundager, still a college student. Their lovely music is perhaps best described as euphoric electronica, full of soaring keyboards, atmospheric guitar sounds and occasional strong vocals.

The EP opens with lead single Kys (Wink accoriding to Google Translator) and right away the electronic feel is established as the synths take the lead. A strong bass line from Mikkel Peder Fabricius underpins the track, letting the keyboard melody soar. It’s an uplifting track, instrumental in the main with just a hint of vocal input at the very end.

Solstrejf (Suntop) comes next and a similar synth feel is established, this time to back the vocals of Astrid Lund Østrup and Sofie Johanne Birch, which are strong and slow with a languid splendour that transcends language. I’ve no idea what they are singing, but it conveys a beautiful impression of lazing on a sunny day, of relaxing and reflecting on life.

Under Overfladen (Under The Surface) is the longest track on the EP at a shade over five minutes. Again a mellow feel is created as the synth sounds swirl and a strong melody cuts through the backing. The music grows gradually, a slow drum marking time, building to crescendo and then falling away again. It’s atmospheric and orchestral and has a real sense of majesty to it.

There is a fourth track on the vinyl version of the EP, …efterlader Spor i Luften (Leaving Traces In The Air). Slower and with an air of restraint to it, this is another that builds slowly. Yet it never quite seems to reach a high. Instead it carries on gently and sedately with a calm air.

Tunisdfald have a talent for creating quite lovely sounds that are warm and expansive, making listening to their electronic output a moving and uplifting experience. If you fancy something just a bit different that is soothing and relaxing, check out this EP.

Venue: Kys
Support Band: Indelabel

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