Dave Stewart_ The Lyric Videos

Dave Stewart_ The Lyric Videos, Episode 4

Multi-talented, renaissance rock ‘n’ roller Dave Stewart returns October 7th with his solo album ‘Lucky Numbers’ via Kobalt Label Services, his first for the label. The album’s first single ‘Every Single Night’ features American Music Award winner guest vocalist Martina McBride who joins a cast of guest stars on the album including Karen Elson, Vanessa Amorosi, Laura Michelle Kelly and Ann Marie Calhoun.

‘Lucky Numbers’ is the third album in three years for the self-declared “The Ringmaster General” after last year’s release of the same name and 2011’s ‘The Blackbird Diaries’. For ‘Lucky Numbers’, the singer, songwriter and guitarist assembled the same team of Nashville’s finest that were on his previous two albums, although instead of working in co-producer/engineer John McBride’s Nashville studio, Stewart shifted the recording sessions to a boat in the South Pacific.

“I wanted to do something a little different this time, so I invited the band to join me on an adventure to the South Pacific,” says Stewart, who also co-produced the album. “Where we could record with nobody else around, floating around on the sea. It was like parachuting into Oz. We were fish out of water. We were out 12 days, but we were actually only sober enough to record for three or four.”

Like the previous two albums, ‘Lucky Numbers’ combines Stewart’s ‘60s British rock sensibilities, growing up in the northeast of England, with the veteran Nashville country musicians’ southern blues. Players on ‘Lucky Numbers’ include guitarist Tom Bukovac, drummer Chad Cromwell, bassist Michael Rhodes, pianist Mike Rojas, pedal steel guitarist Dan Dugmore joined by multi-instrumentalist Kieran Kiely, who played accordion, flute and, most notably, the Irish bodhrán drum that can be heard in the opening notes of the first single, ‘Every Single Night’. The list of guest stars includes singers Martina McBride (‘Every Single Night’), Karen Elson (‘Nashville Snow’), Aussie pop diva Vanessa Amorosi (‘What’s Wrong With Me’), Broadway star Laura Michelle Kelly and violinist Ann Marie Calhoun (the soaring cinematic set-piece, ‘You and I’) and a gospel choir headed by Lynn Mabry (‘Drugs Taught Me a Lesson’, ‘What’s Wrong With Me’).

“The two worlds collide in the most beautiful way,” says Stewart. “I’m singing one thing in my mind, and they’re playing something completely different, but it works.”

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