The Art of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 review

Author: Tracey Miller Zarneke

clFrom the moment I peeled over the hard cover double page spread to reveal the colour script running across three pages, I knew instantly I was going to love this book.

Each and every double page spread is an explosion of colour. It’s packed with pencil sketches, ink drawings, black and white images to fully rendered colour pages. Pastels, watercolours – every medium you can think of has been included. Every spread is rammed with visuals, from sketches to storyboards to stills from the film. Thankfully, every illustration has its creators name, which is fantastic if you want to find out more about the artist.

It is without doubt a real education into the process with the sections divided into Character design and Production design. A must have for any designers, illustrator or animator and fascinating for any fan of the films, young or old. It’s bursting to the seems with information both visual and written.

Tracy Miller Zarneke also authored the excellent Art of Hotel Transylvania, which we also loved at Filmwerk. She’s obviously someone who knows enough about the animation process to put together a big that appeals to fans and professionals alike.

It’s impossible to accurately describe how engrossing the book is. I can see younger fans moving slowly from page to page and older fans doing exactly the same. Absolutely gorgeous.

4 Stars



Maliha Basak



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