The Scholars - Neon Sky (Stars)
Single Review

The Scholars – Neon Sky (Stars)

I’ve reviewed a couple of previous singles from Oxford band The Scholars, and Neon Sky (Stars) is the latest very good track they have released. The trio (Adrian Banks, Chris Gillett and Leigh Taylor) have a dynamic approach to their synth and guitar driven indie music and the result is music that is inspiring and melodic.

Neon Sky (Stars) has some lovely keyboard work as well as a guitar hook that really bites. The pace changes several times, and there is a real feeling of space as the chorus soars in great style. The vocals are low and strong, cutting effortlessly through the mix. The lyrics are fairly simple in this song, but the shimmering guitars and pulsing keyboards fill the space left very well. And the powerful rhythm section anchors the music with a lovely beat.

This is another strong track form a band with a sound that is a little different. It’s strong and modern sounding and fuses the electronica and rock influences very well. Look out for this band, they have a knack of producing good melodic songs.

Venue: Neon Sky (Stars)
Support Band: self released

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