After The Ice – Thick Snow Magic

The Thick Snow Magic EP is the debut release from London based acid rock trio After The Ice, which was formed by the multi talented Paul Lisak. Artist and musician, lead guitarist and lead vocalist, he has brought a potent mix of old school rock music, psychedelic blues and grunge and added a few electronic elements to create an exciting rock sound.

The trio is completed by powerful drummer Tomek-Tomek and experimental bass player Hamzah Bashir Khan to give a talented musical mix with many different influences. The four track EP was recorded at State of the Arc studios in London by veteran rock producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, Stiff Little Fingers, etc).

Wake Up kicks the EP off in upbeat style, a massive distorted guitar riff at the centre of a track that immediately grabs the attention. The energetic drumming drives it ever forward and the vocals have tremendous presence. Second track Tea And Cake is slower and brooding with an edgy quality behind the bass heavy beat. But then a fast and anthemic chorus bursts out from nowhere. It’s a bit like a lost Cream track with a Van Halen chorus spliced in. Super stuff.

Mesmerised is again played at a slower pace, but is no less passionate. A synth riff starts things off before a solid drum beat leads the guitar in. There is a distorted, almost Eastern feel, and the vocals are low and intense. The title track Thick Slow Magic comes last, its bluesy guitar sound backed by some amazing drumming and a big bass line. The vocals become more and more passionate as the track builds, Lisak screaming over the heavy mix before a great guitar solo takes over. It’s the kind of solid and dynamic rock track that is all too uncommon these days.

This is an excellent debut from an exciting musical trio. The range of influences that Lisak and co bring has led them to create something very different, and very good. It’s rock music, but with so many twists. This is the type of music where you discover something new every time you play it.

Venue: Thick Snow Magic
Support Band: ATI

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